General Insurance

Personal lines insurance is highly competitive and expansive as consumers look for multiple products to meet their specific needs. Businesses that profitably transition from an insurance product mindset to one that provides a holistic customer service proposition will thrive. We partner with clients to re-think their business models, re-design customer experiences, and launch and scale exciting new propositions.

Commercial & Speciality

The global commercial and specialty market has recently seen significant pressure on rates and profitability and increasing levels of volatility. Capco utilizes data and delivers significant operational efficiencies to maintain pricing discipline, which helps clients benefit from solid balance sheet protection.

Protection, Retirement and Savings

The life & retirement market is essential to the economy and provides security throughout peoples’ lifespans. This complex industry is highly regulated and has suffered from ultra-low interest rates over the past decade. Capco helps life & retirement firms transform their operations by partnering on provocative, game-changing business strategies, distribution enablement, digital experience, and operational efficiencies across the insurance lifecycle.


The health insurance market continues to see intense competition with powerful new entrants attracted by the size and growth of the landscape. Capco helps health insurers identify and integrate rich new data sets resulting from the internet of things to shape new products, services, and partnerships, to increase customer loyalty.


The complexity of reinsurance creates a significant barrier to entry, with the need to intelligently assess the rationale and opportunities for risk diversification becoming extremely important. Meanwhile, the emergence of insurance-linked securities as an alternative form of reinsurance capital has placed greater pressure on rates. We help reinsurers handle their vast amounts of data, which provide analytics to support decision-making around technology investment and portfolio and risk management.


The end-to-end insurance value chain has seen increasing fragmentation in recent years as new entrants seek to enter the market and compete, putting pressure on commissions and service revenue. Capco works with insurers and their distribution partners to transform and optimize their operating models and products. 

Employee benefits

We use our deep experience in employee benefits to provide clients with strategic insights, innovative solutions, and value to elevate sales and build efficient operational capabilities. We partner with our clients to drive innovative product and sales strategy, acquisition or divestiture, and process optimization to increase proposal throughput, underwriting and onboarding cases.