Capco Designs an Agile Roadmap and Trains Over 50 Team Members for a Life and Annuity Carrier


Capco was engaged to support an Agile culture change and provide thought leadership to enable Agile business adoption. Alongside the client’s Enterprise Program Management Office team, we defined and documented the target state Agile Delivery framework including recommended best practices, portfolio management and governance functions, and a comprehensive training and communications plan.



The client had just completed the initial ideation stage and they were seeking a partner to support the E2E transformation of its change management function to a modern Agile Delivery model.




Capco engaged the Enterprise Program Management Office in a series of interviews and conducted a thorough current state assessment of a Pilot group to get a better understanding of the current Agile landscape. Based on an Agile Maturity Assessment Capco then designed a custom approach to Agile adoption for the client to recommend a roadmap of changes over time to minimize disruption while providing advances that result in efficiency gains and lay foundation for success. Capco also designed a playbook and custom Agile training that were delivered to the EPMO to kick off the Agile adoption journey. Capco trained over 50 team members leveraging the customer training material.




Capco equipped leadership with an understanding of their role in Agile, and steps to enable adoption and broader business agility. Additionally, Capco equipped teams with an understanding of ‘Being Agile’, and steps to adopt an Agile mindset. Capco armed product owners with an education on their role, and guidance on how to effectively participate in ceremonies and enable team delivery of Agility. Capco also educated scrum masters in their role, and the ability to explain how to facilitate ceremonies, create/use artifacts, and motivate the team as a servant leader. Ultimately, the client has a roadmap and framework for future status reporting on progress through the journey and a guide for kicking-off new projects in Agile.


  • A suite of Custom Training Material that can be leveraged for both leadership and delivery teams to educate them on embracing an agile mindset, agile ceremonies, roles & responsibilities, and artifacts.
    • Embracing an Agile Mindset, Agile 101, Product Owner Training, Scrum Master Training
  • Reference Artifacts that can be leveraged by delivery teams throughout the agile adoption journey. This material should be used as a base for starting the journey and then continuously evolve as adoption progresses.
    • Agile Playbook, Role Based Job Aides, Agile Maturity Assessment, Agile Terminology Glossary, Jira Introduction
  • Observations and Recommendations leveraging our industry experience to provide thought leadership to enable Adoption.
    • Agile Adoption Roadmap, Agile Metrics & Reporting Approach, Change Management Plan, Pilot Team Observations & Recommendations