wealth managers

Today, wealth managers benefit from loyal customers and revenues which, in a bull market, are attractive and predictable. However, the market is not static and there are various customer groups that could benefit from wealth management services. Capco’s market-leading research, strategy and insight is helping clients expand their customer portfolio and prepare for a period of fee compression and volatile markets.

Private Banks

The breadth of services offered by a private bank creates a lot of operational complexity, which must be managed alongside several external pressures, including regulation and innovative tech. Capco is helping private banks to create better client experiences, extract value from siloed data and minimize their operating expenses to achieve an edge over the competition.

Asset Managers

Strategies are shifting, intense price competition is breaking out, buyers are demanding greater transparency, and the market is as dynamic as ever. Capco is equipping asset managers with the tools to prepare businesses for a transformed investment industry landscape.

Investment Platforms

Retail and intermediary platforms have led a boom in direct-to-retail distribution and new advisory models, which is creating exciting investment opportunities for the mass market. Capco is helping firms to introduce, implement, and scale digital investment platforms and strategically invest in market differentiators to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Life and Pensions

Although annuity back books will keep life & pensions businesses profitable for some time, they must compete far more proactively for the attention of new post-retirement customers. Capco’s extensive industry knowledge and advanced data intelligence is helping these firms to re-imagine the post-retirement journey.

Service and Infrastructure Providers

Segment players as well as value chain owners are continuously challenged by consolidation and technology innovations as the industry evolves. As a result, many service and infrastructure providers are reconsidering their value proposition and investments. Our extensive experience across the wealth and asset management value chain and cutting-edge technologies is helping clients – from service bureaus, transfer agents, fund administrators, and software providers to custodians and TAMPs – to maintain differentiation, scalability, and resilience.



Capco partnered with a global wealth manager to introduce an industry-leading wealth management platform

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