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Our workforce is our greatest asset, and we want to ensure that our employees have the opportunity to continue to grow their skills and experience and can progress in their careers. That is why we view Learning & Development as an essential component of every Capco employee’s personal and professional growth.  


The Capco Curriculum provides a suite of learning opportunities to support your personal development and career growth. Our training programs align with our market offerings and are tailored to the needs of our people and clients, and we offer both technical and soft skills training programs. All training and course information is detailed on CAPsule, our online learning platform, which is accessible 24/7. 


Milestone Schools are a pivotal part of our employee’s learning experience, and are for individuals who have been recently promoted to consultant, senior consultant, principal consultant and managing principal levels.

While the course material is dependent upon your title level, the objective of each of the four programs is to provide employees with more of the skills and capabilities they need to succeed at their new title level, and to give them an opportunity to meet and network with their peers. 

Our Milestone Schools take place over a two-to-four-day-period and are built upon four key pillars:

CELEBRATE – your recent promotion or Capco onboarding
REFLECT – take time out from project and community work
NETWORK – build relationships by spending time with peers and leadership teams
LEARN – acquire new knowledge and skills from our internal and external facilitators 

Over the years, past attendees of the Milestone Schools have enjoyed workshops on problem solving and decision-making, personal branding, selling, storytelling, as well as activities such as game nights and dinner with our leadership teams. 


Capco’s induction course is a comprehensive two-week program that strengthens the core consulting skills and provides a foundational understanding of the financial services industry.

It provides employees with a chance to work on real-life projects, and to build a network of peers, while benefiting from coaching and mentoring provided by experienced consultants. During the program, employees will work on case studies, improve their interpersonal and communication skills and get a strong grounding in industry trends and best practice.

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In addition to the training options and training mentioned above, employees have the opportunity, at the discretion of their manager, to take additional external training and/or to attend relevant industry conferences, both live and virtual, to help them hone their skills.