Entry Level / Associate Talent Program (ATP)

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Capco is a great place to start, or to reboot your career if you are a career changer or are re-entering the workforce. We have a variety of entry-level roles. In addition, our unique Associate Talent Program (ATP) is our primary hiring program for entry-level candidates, or for career changers who want to transition to a career in consulting. Our ATP program is tailor-made to help you enhance your skillset and enhance your understanding of the industry’s best practices.
Program Overview
Classroom and Interactive Training

Our Associate Talent Program will introduce you to business concepts and skills to prepare you for a consulting career.

The program will begin with an initial two-week classroom and interactive training program that will:

Provide you with an overview of our industry, including trends and thematic areas of interest to our clients
Give you access to a suite of comprehensive and specialized courses 
Help you develop strategic, critical thinking and communication skills to enable you to effectively collaborate with clients and co-workers.


The ATP Program is offered across multiple regions and is an intensive course that will give you the skills to help you learn to solve business and technical problems, and the chance to work alongside experienced consultants.

This program is run by senior leaders who will share their extensive knowledge and insights. You will also have an opportunity to re-enact simulated project scenarios based on actual case studies.

Post-Classroom Training: Work Experience

After you complete the initial phase of the training program, you will be assigned to a client project where you can begin to use the skills that you learned during the initial two-week training program.

You will also be assigned a ‘coach,’ an experienced consultant who will mentor you for the duration of your career at Capco, and a ‘buddy,’ a peer mentor who will help you become acquainted with Capco’s offerings and culture. 

You will also have access to additional online and on-the-job training, and have a supportive network of peers and more senior employees to provide guidance as you learn and grow into your consulting role.  


atp criteria: are you a good fit?

At Capco, we believe that our diverse and inclusive culture, where different perspectives are welcomed, gives us a competitive edge. We look for candidates from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. 

To qualify for our ATP Program, you should meet these criteria: 

Have a university or college degree 
Be a recent university graduate, or a change professional - with financial services, consulting or fintech experience
Possess exceptional analytical skills and problem-solving abilities
Have strong verbal and written communication skills
Be passionate about your work and focused on delivering excellence
Have an interest in working in consulting and the financial services industry
Have strong skills in the Microsoft Office suite (PowerPoint, Excel, Word, etc).

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Austria, Germany & Slovakia
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In addition to our standard ATP Program, Capco UK offers additional ATP programs across a number of key areas:

  • Data Consulting Training Program (ADP) – This specialized ATP Program is the entry point into data consulting within Capco. It combines traditional consulting with additional data-specific training.
  • Engineering – This program is for computer science and software graduates.  The program is focused on providing training to enable you to become expert in software development for financial services firms. Associate digital engineers will work on clients’ business and technology challenges, alongside project teams of experienced engineers and colleagues from diverse backgrounds and skillsets.
  • Next Generation Technology Fellowship Program – This program aims to fast-track technically gifted PhD graduate candidates to become subject matter experts in fintech and financial services consulting. Associates work on solving our clients’ business and technology challenges, in conjunction with project teams comprising former researchers and other consultants within the business.

The application process for our ATP Program is as follows:

Our program starts with an intensive developmental training program that provides you with the necessary soft and hard skills to hit the ground running at a client site. Our program provides you with a strong foundation of skills to help jumpstart your career at Capco, including:

  • Consulting methodologies
  • Enterprise technology standards
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Solving complex business problems
  • Networking
  • Personal brand development

The application process for our ATP Program is as follows:

Associates from Hong Kong SAR will join the APAC ATP program for both our Winter (January) and Summer (August) intake. From day one as an Associate Consultant, you will be trained in courses such as Agile, Business Analysis, Design Thinking and Project Management, and given the opportunity to support our clients on a wide range of interesting projects. You will help develop and deliver market-changing and innovative solutions and strategies to our regional and global clients. This is a full-time role. Candidates must have graduated by the date of the intake.

The Capco Associate Talent Program is designed to equip you with the skills and experience to become financial consulting leaders of tomorrow. You’ll benefit from:

  • Unique learning and development opportunities to build your consulting, banking and domain expertise 
  • Rotational experience across business areas to ensure that you gain insight across various offerings 
  • Fast career progression – we are a meritocracy and believe in rewarding success 
  • A coach to support you and provide career advice as well as guidance throughout your career at Capco 
  • A peer buddy from day one to help you settle in and navigate through Capco

Take the first step towards an incredible career and apply now – please check the application details for respective deadlines:

All associates from Austria, Germany and Slovakia (AGS) will join the ATP program along with their UK colleagues on the next confirmed date. Joining this program will enable you with the fundamentals of consulting alongside with the necessary soft and hard skills to encourage your career at Capco, including: 

  • Core competency-based consulting skills and methodologies
  • Enterprise technology standards and innovations
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Role-plays based on real projects to solve complex business situations
  • Networking
  • Personal brand development.

Take the first step towards an incredible career and apply now: 

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Capco India launched its Associate Talent Program (ATP) in the summer of 2021 and have onboarded over 80 associates since then, with the aim to onboard 100 by the end of 2022. Our ATP starts with an intensive training program which provides associates with the necessary soft and hard skills to hit the ground running and support our clients on a wide variety of projects across consulting, data, digital and technology roles.

Our ATP program is designed to provide associates with a strong foundation for their career. This includes:

  • Focussed and tailored training plan to build a career in consulting, data, digital or technology roles
  • Dedicated 1:1 coach to provide support, career advice and guidance throughout the time at Capco 
  • Personal brand development
  • Networking booster
  • Fast track career progression – we believe in meritocracy and that success should be rewarded promptly

Post-classroom training and work experience

After completing the initial phase of the training program, associates will be assigned to a client project where they can begin to use the skills that they learned during the initial training program.

They will also be assigned a ‘coach’, an experienced consultant who will mentor them for the duration of their career at Capco, and a ‘buddy’, a peer mentor who will help become acquainted with Capco’s offerings and culture.

Additional online and on-the-job training will be provided, and the associates will always have a supportive network of peers and more senior employees to guide them as they learn and grow in their consulting roles.

The application process for the Associate Program is as follows: