Coming from a technology and management background, I was always keen to work in a firm which sits at the intersection of both. Capco, being one of such firms - paved the way forward and gave me numerous opportunities. Initially I worked as a Business Data Analyst for one of the top investment banks and later became a core member of Capco India Pre-sales and Marketing team. In my two years here, I’ve had a very interesting learning curve, from being a simple BA on a project to being part of corporate services where I plan, lead and execute various initiatives. Through a great working environment and team spirit, the management here encourages and empowers us to be our best. With the guidance and support from my mentors and teammates, I single-handedly and successfully conducted over 30 awareness sessions (about Capco) for internal as well as external audiences. Capco doesn’t miss an opportunity to recognize your dedication and hard work. I have been awarded the Clap Award twice for my successful delivery and strong brand design for Capco. I can confidently say that regardless of the level you join, the firm’s flat organization structure will give you immense opportunities to learn and shape your growth journey.



As an MBA graduate, I was looking for an opportunity in IT, which was how I spotted Capco's job portal. During the interview process I discovered about the Associate Talent Program (ATP) which is a tailor-made program, helping candidates to enhance their skillset and enhance their understanding of the industry's best practices. The company believes in providing Associate Consultants,  a platform to gain knowledge and confidence. From the first day, it has been a growing and learning curve for me. From understanding the project lifecycle and being part of project management activities, to interacting with clients and engaging with the team – all of this has given me strong foundations for a career in consulting. Throughout this journey, my leads have been a great support which has helped me gain a lot of confidence to perform well. The opportunity I have through Capco’s ATP program has been a blessing, and I consider myself fortunate to be a part of it.



I joined Capco in February 2022, as my first job after graduation, and I feel fortunate to be part of the Capco family at the very start of my career. After joining Capco as an Associate Consultant, you will go through ATP (Associate Training Program) training which will introduce you to Capco’s domain expertise, business concepts and technical skills - to prepare you for a career in consulting. Domain training includes capital markets, risk overview, trade lifecycle, regulations, derivatives and other topics. Technical training covers Java basics, SQL, Unix/Linux, etc and provides a platform for refreshing your skills. The program will teach you everything you need to know about the consultant’s role, industry fundamentals as well as trends and clients’ areas of interest, so that you are ready for the transition from a fresher to a professional.