The insurer sought to launch a new distribution model to enable the sale of individual annuities through third-party distribution. To enable this, the client had to integrate into a new and complex ‘external’ ecosystem involving numerous partners, including Fidelity, SE2, CANNEX and EBIX. Given the inherent technological and operational challenges, the client recognized the need for a consulting partner that could provide thought leadership and a structured approach to drive the work across all ecosystem partners. Capco provided a cohesive program management structure. 


The client was trying to expand their client base and increase revenue. 


The client program was in process before Capco was engaged and the initial priority was an evaluation of the existing program and a talent assessment. The findings of the review led to a direct reset and simplification of the program structure and onboarding of the experienced Capco resources to drive execution. The program was structured and staffed to ensure both the client and external partners’ accountabilities were clear, operating norms established, and objectives were aligned. 



  • As a result of the engagement with Capco, the client successfully launched into the third-party annuities channel in nine months. 
  • All day one functionality was tested and completed, and the functionality aligned with the client’s defined business objectives. 
  • Within the first four weeks of the product’s launch, the client exceeded initial sales goals and is on target to capture significant market share in year one. 
  • Overall, the success of the program has enabled the client to accelerate its growth plans for third-party distribution significantly. 


  • Vendor assessment and guidance on negotiation tactics – including servicing agreements, SLAs and remediation clauses.
  • Complete program structure, integrated plans, and leadership execution.
  • Resource assessment and alignment - Capco provided comprehensive planning as well as onboarding and mentoring support across all parties. The result was minimized resource ramp-up time, improved team cohesion, and maximized value add by new team members.
  • Integrated testing strategy - The new third-party ecosystem included six main partners to manage the lifecycle of an annuity contract, from the initial sale through the contract servicing & claims. Capco developed a holistic testing strategy to optimize timelines, reduce overlaps, and proactively solve functional gaps. The project launched with zero open defects.
  • Operational Simulation - Capco introduced and then led the client and ecosystem partners through a comprehensive operational simulation immediately preceding launch. The outcome of the exercise ensured both the operational teams, ecosystem partners, and client leadership had a very high level of confidence in the teams’ abilities to support the business after launch. 
  • A transformative way of thinking. The shift from direct channel to third-party required the business to think and act differently at all levels of the organization. Capco worked with the business leaders to understand and prepare for how that change affected not only day-to-day operations but the organization’s overall strategy and vision.