Capco has successfully implemented large-scale Murex projects around the globe for a number of years. Capco´s IT transformation drives the design and delivery of value-oriented transformations by taking an end-to-end approach to achieve measurable improvements in efficiency, effectiveness and stakeholder satisfaction.

Capco’s approach addresses missing change management capabilities, missing management of responsibilities and ownership coordination, as well as low cost-effectiveness in development and testing phases.

What we offer to run a successful Murex transformation project:

  • Project management: Management consulting including project conception and initiation, project definition and planning, compromising of scoping, effort estimations and budgeting, risk and issue management, milestone tracking, project execution and monitoring as well as project closure.
  • Project governance: Setup of a client-tailored governance structure including business departments, architecture decision board, project infrastructure and project management office.
  • Architecture board: Consists of architects at different levels (enterprise, technical and solution architects) designing and supporting greenfield implementations, complex technology transformations, upgrade and migration across all business areas.
  • Functional support: Support business departments in taking decisions related to functional topics across all areas including: front office, back office, risk control, finance & accounting and others.
  • Configurations: Implementation of end-to-end Murex functionalities which include GOM (global operating model), E-tradepads, simulations, pre- and post-trade workflows, reporting and datamart architecture and setup, interfaces (batch and MxML), payments, enterprise risk management (MLC and VAR), accounting module, reconciliation and test setup.

Application maintenance:

  • Release management: The process ensures the bundling of changes and their proper implementation in the infrastructure.
  • Test management: We set test scopes and provide tailored test plans that include the definition of quality gates. We also steer the testing process from system tests to user acceptance tests, by offering centralized defect management that includes reporting throughout the whole testing lifecycle.
  • End-of-day stabilization: Putting several procedures in place, including regular health checks of existing purge processes, and setting up a task force that tackles urgent issues in a structured way.

Positioned at the intersection of business and technology, we help our customers gain measurable benefits that transcend cost-cutting, to deliver a true execution advantage with simpler and more flexible responses.

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