Our clients increasingly need to perform binary upgrade projects faster and in higher frequencies, in order to implement new functionalities and fix existing software issues. Harnessing the power of modern technology solutions is key to ensuring reduced costs. We also offer:

  • Functional and technical expertise to cover all areas required for an upgrade project.
  • Upgrade factory to perform upgrade projects according to our standardized and proven factory approach (aligned to MXplus and tailored to our clients’ requirements).
  • Reconciliation services to create and run reconciliation reports. This includes the analysis and explanation of differences (root cause assignment).
  • Automated testing services to reduce project timelines and costs as well as to achieve better quality and higher test coverage.
  • Tools and accelerators to fast-track the delivery.

Capco’s upgrade approach enables our clients to run projects efficiently and successfully. We use methodologies that are not only designed to meet our client needs, but are also aligned with those used by Murex, including MXplus and FEM.

Contact to learn more about our binary upgrade offerings.