In the battle to remain competitive, effective back office automation is an essential advantage.

Pressures to automate come from all areas of the business. Automation helps financial institutions seeking to cut costs, meet evolving regulatory demands predictably and cost-effectively, and reduce ongoing maintenance costs for existing – often legacy and duplicated – systems. In addition, automation can help banks deal with growing competition from digital disruptors, nimble operators who gladly benefit from any bank’s inability to provide customers with the latest mobile technology-enabled experience.

Capco is uniquely positioned to help financial institutions automate their back offices in response to these diverse and powerful pressures. Our global talent combines deep industry and domain knowledge with a record of successful operational implementations of bespoke automation solutions.

For institutions at all key stages of embracing back office automation, Capco offers the following focused expertise, input and delivery support:

  • Process selection and prioritization to identify, score and rank business processes according to tightly defined criteria to select the best candidate(s) for automation.
  • Business case evaluation that employs industry benchmarks and Capco’s own experience to highlight options, make clear recommendations and define what each automation project’s success really means.
  • Automation architecture to help optimize the delivery of end-to-end business processes.
  • Process efficiency techniques (BPM, Six Sigma, LEAN) that tightly align human and machine work with new technology to cut costs while increasing efficiency.
  • Robotic process automation that seeks to emulate – with predictably high accuracy and lower costs – tasks and processes humans carry out, such as recognizing patterns and making decisions based on prior learning.
  • Machine learning to recognize patterns through classification and training, as opposed to relying on sets of rigid pre-existing rules.
  • Blockchain or distributed ledger technology that fundamentally rewires the architecture of the trade life cycle, aligning financial institutions along a highly efficient, shared technical infrastructure.
  • Associated benefits include greater automation, reduced cycle times, reduced risk because of faster clearing and settlement, improved capital efficiency and enhanced regulatory reporting.
  • Data analytics, as they become relevant after data standardization and consolidation have taken place, with duplicative legacy databases and supporting systems being decommissioned.
  • Vendor assessment and selection to determine the right third-party solution for our clients’ unique needs.
  • Change and impact management designed to reshape organizations for the most effective delivery of automated efficiencies.

In the journey to lower cost, increase throughput and improve margins and profitability, Capco helps clients successfully bring back office automation to the forefront.