Define the Ultimate Strategy with Digital

In a digital age, where the pace of change increases every day, financial institutions must anticipate and adapt to rapidly evolving customer needs and emerging technologies. This new environment presents incredible opportunities for financial institutions to better serve their customers, but also the very real challenge of making hard choices on how to make the biggest impact for their customers, shareholders, and employees.

At Capco Digital, our global team of specialists offer extensive insights into technology advances, user-experience design and major cultural trends. Solely focused on financial services, we use our unrivalled expertise and technical know-how to help transform our clients’ visions into reality.

We take a holistic approach to help our clients define their digital vision and strategy, and then translate it into execution.

  • Defining the Digital Vision – We use a highly collaborative and interactive approach to help our clients define where they need to lead, and where they can win by being fast followers.
  • Defining the Digital Strategy – After defining the vision, we help our clients prioritize where to focus their digital efforts. We take a customer-centric approach that centers on the development of rich personas and user journeys, enabling us to identify the pain points that clients can solve with the introduction of digital business models. We then go a step further to help them prioritize where they can add the most value by digitizing services (and supporting functions) along the value chain.
  • Translating Digital Strategy into Execution – We pressure-test the key decisions made in defining the vision and digital strategy stages by developing robust business cases and roadmaps. This provides our clients with the confidence that their investments will provide tangible value to their shareholders, customers, and employees.

We have applied this approach to help numerous clients across the financial services industry to achieve their goals, including:

  • Launching new digital-only banks to provide new benefits to customers
  • Creating new digital channels to drive growth in FX, commodities, and derivatives businesses
  • Developing market-entry strategies for traditional retail banks to launch digital advice platforms (e.g. Robo-Advisory)
  • Developing global digital distribution strategies for asset managers to create value for their B2B customers and enter new D2C markets.