Digital Strategy


While all services are becoming increasingly digital, financial institutions need to make smart choices on where to invest. And many banks today are overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of the challenge and the myriad decisions that they face. For instance, which client segments should you optimize for? Can you create a genuinely omnichannel experience? If a fully digital experience is not feasible from a budget and change capacity perspective, which lines of business, products, and user journeys should you prioritize and where can you differentiate along the value chain? How can you create a unique digital strategy instead of ‘me too?’ How willing are you to disrupt your legacy business and operating model? While some are far ahead in answering these questions to formulate an effective digital strategy, many have made false starts, or are only just getting started.


We bring a structured strategy approach, informed by in-depth market research, domain, and technology expertise to work together with our clients to formulate their digital strategies and prioritize opportunities across lines of business, products and services to deliver the most significant impact and value for their clients. We bring an execution-lens to strategy, identifying the ‘art-of-the-possible’ but ensuring that it is truly possible and can be delivered within our clients’ growth, budget, and risk appetite.

First, we work with our clients to define the vision and goals as a 'North Star' for the digital strategy and transformation effort.

Second, we define critical choices such as client focus, line of business focus, product/service focus, value chain focus, channel focus, and user-journey focus. Each of these choices is informed by a deep understanding of client demand, the competitive landscape, and the organization’s core competencies.

Third, we define where the bank wants to have competitive offerings and where they can differentiate across each of these dimensions.

Fourth, we define the operating model and capabilities required to implement the strategy and help our clients conduct vendor assessments and make difficult build vs. buy decisions.

Finally, we develop an executable roadmap and business case that identifies risks and opportunities, allowing our clients to move forward with confidence.