As they address shifting customer expectations and engagement, the move to new working paradigms and revised budgetary priorities, financial institutions also face very real challenges due to increased threats of financial crime. Digitalization provides an opportunity to remediate inefficient processes and eliminate risk from the enterprise.


COVID-19 has brought about dramatic changes in customer and criminal behaviors, requiring compliance programs to act with agility while facing increased budgetary pressures. Investing in technology has never been more critical both to strengthen compliance efficiency and to manage customer and regulatory expectations. Capco’s Financial Crimes Compliance practice can help financial institutions manage all aspects of their financial crimes compliance program.

Our services include:

  • Increased emphasis on data analytics to reduce manual processes, increase alert quality and to better understand customer and criminal behaviors
  • Investment in ‘perpetual KYC’ - a dynamic (rather than periodic refresh) of customer data based on events
  • Increased use of lower cost Managed Service Centers to handle processes such as onboarding and screening, refreshing customer data and addressing backlogs of alerts and investigations – all stemming from COVID-19’s impact to the financial compliance function