On Thursday 15th October, Capco and the SIO hosted their latest webinar. A panel of speakers shared their insight on how design thinking can transform operations functions of financial services as we know it.

We are delighted to present to you the latest virtual event, Design Thinking in Operations, in collaboration with the Scottish Investment Operations (SIO) that took place on Thursday 15th October.

Capco’s Amir Dotan took us through how design thinking can be applied to drive innovation in operations. 

Design thinking is an innovation process that brings together peoples’ needs, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success. Originally a creative process practiced by designers, design thinking is today a five-step process used to equip employees from many industries with innovation skills. 

In recent years, operations functions in financial services have begun introducing design thinking to their change management toolkit to spark internal creativity, foster cross-functional collaboration and ensure solutions are fit-for-purpose and based on a profound understanding of the internal and external stakeholders’ needs. This approach represents a considerable cultural shift in how operations teams typically approach change whereby solutions are driven by technology in a top-down fashion. 

In addition to case studies from capital markets, discussion points included:

  • Empathy and its relevance to change in operations 
  • Creative thinking and how it can be encouraged internally 
  • The importance of co-creation to spark innovation 
  • The cultural and logistical challenges of applying design thinking in operations.