Financial service institutions face an unprecedented opportunity to strategically transform their workforce and operations driven by a paradigm shift in how and where work is done. As part of this shift, organizations have the potential to improve productivity, cost effectiveness, enable heightened employee engagement, enhance resiliency, and create positive customer experience outcomes.

Up until now, future of work discussions were largely theoretical – now they are essential.

Many organizations rapidly moved to a remote model and are now in the process of transitioning to a hybrid version of what once existed whilst rethinking the very core of how they do business, from ways of working, human capital, technology and a physical space perspective. This is an unprecedented opportunity to embed new paradigms within the organization in preparation for the ‘new normal.’

Organizations cannot create the future overnight. A phased approach, moving towards a holistic model aligned to the wider business strategy, is needed. As they look to the future, financial services institutions can expect to move through three distinct phases as they refine remote working, reintegrate employees, and lay the foundations for their future of work.

We enable our clients to understand and implement the tools and technologies that will transform their workforce and operations.

Our offerings include:

  • Location strategy and business case
  • Organizational design modelling - Capco Organizational Design Engine (CODE 2.0)
  • Workforce reintegration and on-going hybrid remote strategy, planning and execution
  • Remote effectiveness workshops and design
  • Employee experience design and value proposition
  • Distributed Agile methods and innovation
  • Remote compliance function implementation
  • Technology assessment and readiness
  • Next generation Internal control framework