How can I apply?
Submit your CV/resume and answer the relevant questions online here.

Are there any fixed academic requirements?
Yes. If you were educated in the UK, we require a minimum of a 2:1 degree and some relevant work experience, including internships.  If you were not educated in the UK, then we require a university degree from an accredited university.  Please read more about our regional ATP programs to learn more about the requirements for each country. 

Can I reapply if I am unsuccessful the first time?
We are always open to applications. If you are unsuccessful, we suggest you wait for at least six months before reapplying.

Can I make a speculative application via email?
Applications to ATP must be made via our website to ensure that protocol is followed and that all your relevant information is correctly captured. 

If I have already graduated, can I still apply?
Absolutely! Our ATP is an entry-level program and we consider both graduates and career changers.




How long does the entire application and interview process take place?
We process candidates as quickly as possible and try to keep you continuously informed. We aim to book successful candidates onto the closest assessment center date within two weeks of their application, and try to accommodate and schedule around any university commitments or other engagements. Following the Assessment Center visit and interviews, we aim to contact candidates by phone within 48 hours to provide feedback.

When will I hear back after applying?
Our goal is to inform you of the outcome of each stage of the recruitment process within two to three weeks. However, our responses can sometimes be delayed due to the volume of applications that we are processing. If you have not heard back from us after three weeks, please do reach out to your local recruiter regarding your application status.  

Will you provide feedback on my application?
We do provide detailed and constructive feedback to all candidates who reach the Assessment Center stage.

What can I expect from the Assessment Center session?
Capco’s Assessment Center sessions give you the opportunity to showcase your skills in a fun and open environment and offer insight into Capco's culture and work environment. In addition to having live Q&A sessions with our experienced consultants, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate your skills and experience through participating in group activities and one-to-one interviews. We have also transitioned our Assessment Center sessions to a virtual format to accommodate everyone’s needs in light of current circumstances. 

If my application is successful, can I set my own start date?
We generally have fixed start dates, but there is some flexibility depending on your personal circumstances.  Please reach out to your recruiter to discuss.




What training do you provide?
During the first two weeks of the ATP, you will participate in a wide variety of classroom-based and on-the job training. Your training will range from core consulting skills through to industry-specific financial services sessions, for instance on capital markets or payments. Following the completion of the initial two-week training program, you can get training on an ongoing basis by participating in some of our standard employee training programs to build upon your core competencies and knowledge.

What kind of charitable and non-profit work can I participate in? What non-project work is available?
There are numerous communities you can become involved in, either account specific or across Capco more widely. These range from our culture and diversity and inclusion- focused community events, to our ‘training’ community – which entails organizing and running learning sessions – to everything in between. In addition, there is a broad spectrum of internal projects and initiatives that would welcome your support, plus pro-bono assignments to support the work of our global and local charity partners. 

Read more about our Diversity & Inclusion Affinity groups and initiatives.

Read more about our corporate social responsibility and sustainability programs

What is the estimated duration of a work project?
There is no fixed duration for projects, but on average, you can expect to be working on a particular project for between six and 18 months. While this a wide timeframe, it speaks to the diverse nature of individual projects. Note that you will not necessarily work on the same project from start to finish.

What will my first project be?
After you complete the initial two weeks of ATP training, you will be assigned to work on your first project. Our goal is for all our associates to be placed on a client project as soon as possible. Every project is unique, and we try to find projects that are a good fit for your skills, but we also aim to give you the chance to learn new skills and capabilities, and have a chance to make a real impact right from the start of your Capco career. 

How long do I stay as an associate?
There is no fixed timeframe when it comes to career progression at Capco. Some firms’ programs insist on a mandatory two to three years at associate level before advancement to the next level. Our firm is a meritocracy, meaning that you are rewarded – and your progression accelerated – based upon your performance. Unlike other firms, Capco conducts performance reviews and have promotion cycles twice per year.