"After returning to Capco, I've confirmed my initial instincts – Capco truly is special and I'm glad to be a part of this family"



First Joined Capco:  2018
Re-joined Capco: 2021
Role: Senior Consultant
Primary Skills: Target Operating Model Development, Digital Strategy, Vendor Procurement
Interests: Sports, travel, music


Hello, Capco family! A little over two years ago, I re-joined Capco after a stint in Industry. I’m excited to speak about my experiences joining, leaving, returning, and growing at Capco. 
I first joined Capco in June 2018, as a member of the Associate Talent Program. I arrived in NYC for training and my first set of introductions to the firm, it soon became abundantly clear that I was home. The people, the nature of the work, and the opportunities for growth all combined to leave me feeling incredibly optimistic about my position at Capco and my path for growth – both personally and professionally.
My first project at Capco was a special one. I was a part of the Next Generation Platform (NGP) with TD Bank, who were looking to modernize their Retail and Commercial Banking platform for their US business. As a recent graduate, the scale of the program, along with the immense learning, was eye opening. Over the course of the year, I was a part of a team that helped ensure Business Readiness on TD’s successful migration to the new platform. 

As the project concluded, one of the key team members left Capco to join a Wealth Management firm that had made a significant acquisition and was looking to rationalize systems and undertake an enterprise-wide digital transformation. He reached out and asked if I would be interested in joining his new team, as his first hire. The opportunity to play a meaningful role in the transformation of a business, at such an early stage of my career, was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. I decided to leave Capco and make my way to Industry. 

My experiences in Wealth were invaluable. I was a part of an incredible team, with stellar talent top-to-bottom. I had a first-hand view of how business leaders approach their scope of work, make decisions, and drive results. Most importantly, I was a part of a team that consistently rolled up their sleeves and worked to drive results. During my tenure at the firm, it became clear that anything is possible when you don’t worry about who gets credit.    

However, despite all the positives, it still felt like something was missing. That something missing, was a company culture that celebrated people and made work not feel like work.  

After a little less than two years at the firm, I decided to make my way back into consulting and apply everything I’d learned as a Product Manager. Given my experience at Capco the first time around, it was easy to narrow my list of preferred companies to one – luckily, I had maintained great relationships with Capco and making the transition back was seamless. 

Since returning to Capco in February 2021, I’ve been a part of three engagements, including: enterprise-wide contact centre transformations, digital strategy, and investment platform modernizations. I’ve also had the opportunity to become actively involved in the Wealth and Asset Management community and strengthen our Wealth presence here at CATO. 

After returning to Capco, I’ve confirmed my initial instincts – Capco truly is special and I’m glad to be a part of this family.