Keeping Up With The Capco ATP

Hello, I’m Bernard Chui from the Associate Talent Program at Capco and today I’ll be giving you insights on the opportunity Capco has offered me and my fellow batch of associates as well as diving deep into the daily life of an associate. 

Like you, I googled Capco and tried to understand what Capco does. I graduated from Monash University (Melbourne), studying Business and Information Technology, and Capco seemed like the perfect fit for me to apply my degree. Perhaps you don’t feel the same, you’re unsure if this is the right fit, or you didn’t study anything related to this field. 

Well, this is where I introduce you to some of my fellow associates. Meet Rex Lo, who studied Mathematics in HKUST for his undergraduate degree. You can also say hello to Skylar Or, she completed her Master of Arts in Hong Kong Polytechnic University. 

My point is, you do not need any specific degree to be a consultant, because at Capco we value your soft skills as much as your hard skills. Every experience, skill, and knowledge that you have acquired is transferrable to help you succeed in the consulting industry. 

You get the picture... any more of this and you might click away, so I’ll move on to the ATP life. 

So, what is it like to be an associate in Capco? 

To be honest, it has been quite interesting. Off the bat, we dove into intensive training that both introduced us into space and what Capco has to offer, as well as the multitude of colleagues that are there to help and support you. It’s not an overstatement to say that Capco cares about your career, as you will be guaranteed a ‘buddy’ (also an associate like you) and a coach (someone higher up the ladder) that will guide you in your time of need, helping you progress in your consulting career. 

You might still be on the fence, and thinking...Why Capco? What sets us apart from other consulting companies? 

To help you answer these questions, I decided to ask my batch of associates what their thoughts were. Let me summarize what associates Doris Chow and Debbee Chang told me. They told me that the ability to explore the different domains that Capco has to offer makes it easy to grow both in your technical knowledge as well as in your personal development. 

There are ample courses/trainings that Capco provide to help you deep-dive into your own passions and the work that you do. They mentioned that the Agile 101 training was very interactive and informative. Additionally, they also enjoyed ‘Intro to Business Analysis’ because of the insights about the role of being a BA was like as well as the tools that are used on projects.

They also mentioned Capco’s global campaign - #BYAW (Be Yourself At Work). This empowers employees to express themselves safely and freely in the workplace, enhancing both diversity and inclusion which are pivotal to driving innovation and cultivating a cohesive work environment. 

Despite all these great reasons, what truly sets us apart according to all my fellow associates including myself is Capco’s Culture. It ranges from the ability and ease to reach out for help and advice, to weekly networking drinks. Drinks in office, I know, I was surprised at first too... They even got their own beer tap!

Assuming I caught your interest to join consulting and the Friday drinks, what’s next? 

If you feel that Capco could potentially be the right place for you to start your career, you can head over to the ATP website for further details on the program. 

I haven’t been at Capco long but what I have learnt in this short span is that only you can take charge of your own career. It is up to you to determine what type of career you want to create. 

Let me leave you with one last advice Capco gave me that I will share with you all. Have the mindset to “Be Proactive”

Remember that only you create your own opportunities, so be ready to create impact wherever you are.

Thank you for reading and I hope I’ll see some of you in the future!