Life is a journey, not a destination. I view my career through this same lens. My career journey began when I joined Capco in New York City through Year Up, a fantastic program that offers higher education, internships at Fortune 500 companies to gain skills and experiences, and even money to at-risk young adults. Year Up's mission is to close the opportunity divide and empower young people to reach their potential through meaningful careers in technology. 

This program was the North Star that guided me into the corporate world and started my professional career in technology and financial services. What I learned along the way as I progressed from intern to a full time employee at Capco is that the journey to what I envision as success for myself is more important than the end game. The real key to nurturing success is embracing those smaller steps, milestones, victories and habits we develop along the way. 

Continuous learning is one habit that I’ve developed. I’ve had the opportunity to learn about the wealth management industry, product feature development, and digital-related topics as well as soft skills, such as how to work effectively as part of a project team. Most importantly, I’ve realized that learning is my own responsibility. I need to take the time and do my part to make to look up necessary vocabulary, network with others, and ask for help when it’s needed.  

Since I began my internship with Capco, everyone at the firm has been super helpful and inclusive. There has been no judgment or micro-aggressions from my colleagues, which made me feel even more empowered to perform as efficiently as I possibly could. This encouraged me to take advantage of every opportunity that came my way — from shadowing others while they were working to attending ideation sessions — and viewing how the magic unfolds. 

When the Digital Labs team believed in me and asked me to start contributing ideas to projects, it was a key milestone and victory. A year later, I celebrated another victory when I became a full-time Capco employee! My first two-weeks officially on the job were spent participating in Capco's Associate Talent Program (ATP). This intensive training program equipped me with everything I needed to kick-start my career through learning, project scenario role plays, and teamwork. At the end of the ATP, I conquered two huge milestones — becoming a fully-fledged associate and getting assigned to my first real-world client site project.

Since then, I have been assigned to three client projects and they’ve all been exceptional experiences with successful client outcomes. I worked with some fantastic people and it paid dividends to take the time to get to know them and, most importantly, learn from them. 

Currently I'm part of the Huntington Digital Wealth Product Management Support project. Our team is collaborating with client stakeholders to develop a mobilization plan, including alignment on RACI , staffing needs, and workstream routines. Our day-to-day consists of facilitating meetings with vendors to define use-cases and workflows for account aggregation around minimal viable product (MVP) features. From the very detailed meeting minutes I produce, we are able to identify insights based on the data elements available in the MVP. 

I’m looking forward to welcoming more steps, milestones, victories and habits that I develop on my unique career journey at Capco. I'm infinitely grateful for this opportunity, and I plan to continue to push myself personally and professionally to achieve a successful career. All the while, I’ll keep in mind that a destination is just one step in a journey that never ends. And who wants to stop there?