We offer a full range of platform and integration related professional services. 

  • We offer comprehensive maintenance services for FundPro365, including timely bug fixes, enhancements and patches. 
  • Our IT support covers critical aspects such as regulatory updates and security alerts, ensuring performance and compliance. 
  • We provide 24/7 support with on-site specialists and rapid response teams. 
  • Hosting options include onsite hosting or our managed SaaS hosting. 
  • As strategic partners, we offer platform deployment and systems integration expertise to optimize your business operations.


  1. On-premises with your azure tenant: Choose a self-hosted solution using your Azure environment (incurs a product fee).
  2.  SaaS managed by us: Let us take care of the hosting as a Software as a Service (SaaS) option (incurs a SaaS fee).


In conjunction with our FundPro365 product, we offer a range of maintenance services. This includes addressing potential bugs, core product fixes, and patches to ensure the stable and efficient operation of FundPro365. 

Our maintenance services also cover ongoing development to enhance the product’s features and capabilities. We achieve this by leveraging swarm intelligence and staying aligned with market development trends, ensuring that our clients benefit from ongoing improvements.



Our IT Support services for FundPro365 encompasses vital aspects such as hotfixes, regulatory and compliance updates, tool upgrades, security alerts, and critical patches. These services are meticulously crafted to assist clients in optimizing performance, ensuring unwavering reliability and alignment with industry standards. We also establish robust governance measures to foster sustained success.


We offer comprehensive IT and business support services with SLA agreements from project go-live onwards. Our global coverage ensures 24/7 support through a follow-the-sun model. 

We deploy onsite specialists to handle data restrictions. Our rapid response team addresses high-priority issues promptly. 

Additionally, our incident management enables us to provide application support for unforeseen challenges throughout your project’s lifecycle.



We are committed to be your strategic partner. Together, we seamlessly blend premium consulting expertise with a wealth of capabilities, offering a comprehensive range of solutions that span from advisory to transformation and full-scale implementation. 

Our specialties include platform deployment, system integration projects, and much more, all designed to optimize your business operations.