Assisted Digital for Assisted Channels



  • Indranil Mukherjee
  • Published: 09 January 2020

Banks have invested heavily in enabling modern customer experiences through self-service channels, such as mobile apps and web banking. Providing a modern customer experience has been a top priority for the c-suite, given customers’ desire for self-service and the convenience of having a bank in the palms of their hands. However, technology investment in assisted channels such as contact centers, branches, and operations centers have mostly fallen by the wayside.

While most transactions have shifted to self-service channels, both branches and contact centers continue to be important sales channels, with every category of customer, including the most digitally savvy, preferring to do some of their banking at branches and with contact centers. Still, banking staff in these channels spend a good portion of their day ‘toggling’ between a legacy book of record green-screen systems, desktop software applications, and paper-intensive workflows.

Capco believes that there’s potential to unlock significant value in these assisted channels. This involves leveraging the platforms and patterns that banks built for digital self-service customers and further augmenting them by developing additional internal capabilities.