ernestina , intern, new york





My name is Ernestina Sasu and I am part of the YUPRO Apprentice Program, working as a Software Developer Intern at Capco.

Transitioning from Year Up to Capco was an exciting experience for me. The YUPRO team provided excellent support and kept me updated with all the necessary information I needed to join Capco. Additionally, I conducted extensive research about Capco to understand their culture better and discovered a lot of positive employee feedback on various sites. The reviews I read reassured me that Capco was the perfect company for me to work for. Overall, my experience transitioning from Year Up to Capco was a seamless and enjoyable process, and I'm thrilled to be a part of such a great company.

My first month at Capco was an intriguing and exciting experience. The team was incredibly helpful, always available and responsive to my questions. Their support was especially helpful during my first week when I had a lot of questions. As part of my onboarding at Capco, I had the opportunity to participate in various training sessions where I was able to gain a deeper understanding of the company's culture, job expectations, and brand building techniques, which have all been instrumental in my professional development and growth. My manager at Capco was personable and encouraging, while my mentor was not only supportive but also remarkably knowledgeable and proactive in providing guidance. My meetings with senior executives filled me with confidence that I would receive excellent mentorship and gain invaluable experience here. As a software developer intern, I'm thrilled to be following my professional passion at Capco, and I'm also impressed by the supportive groups the company has created to connect individuals with similar interests. 

My first month at Capco taught me the value of having a supporting team and the importance of being proactive and asking for help when needed. The tips I have for students starting their first corporate job are: listen and observe carefully, take initiative and be proactive, don't be afraid to ask questions, be open to feedback, network, and most importantly, be mindful of your mental health. Prioritize your work and act professionally, but maintain a healthy work-life balance. Wishing all future Capco interns the best of luck!