Testing equates to a significant amount of project costs. This makes efficient testing a critical success factor - ensuring high quality and cost-effective implementations and upgrades. The main challenges in testing are cost inefficiency, decentralization and limited coordination of the company’s testing framework.

To address the challenges in testing, Murex has released MXTEST, a front-to-back test automation solution which leads to:

  • Centralized testing framework to remove project dependencies on the availability of human testers
  • Test automation to configure test packages, trade insertions, events, processing script execution and result analysis
  • Time efficiency to reduce testing timelines, human errors and efforts and decrease time-to-production for new developments
  • Total cost of ownership for MX.3 Upgrade and implementation
  • Universal applicability as a standalone testing tool (disjointed installation of Murex)
  • Improvement of quality assurance to test through continuous improvement of the test cases and coverage
  • Cost efficiency to decrease costs for test campaigns.

Capco’s approach in overcoming the main challenges of testing starts with developing a customized test automation strategy, outlining clear guidelines and establishing best practices to MXTEST. This includes how-to enquiries, bugfixes and new coverage developments. We combine extensive functional expertise from front-to-back with methodical excellence in test automation.

Murex approach

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