With trading architecture consolidations well under way, many clients are facing the challenge of increasing liability of ownership as a highly-integrated core application for trading and treasury operations. The high cost of implementing Murex change requests, and increased time to production or low stability of environments, requires careful consideration and expertise.

The Factory Approach, which was designed by Capco, increases transparency and cost efficiency for the internal value chain of internal software development. The design of the factory is based on an Agile approach, enabling efficient governance and change management procedures, which reduces the cost of changes and modifications in the Murex system. It is controlled and coordinated, allowing for faster implementation of change requests. Advantages of Capco’s Factory Approach include:

  • Cost control: Accurate expense-based pricing of the workload of individual change requests and high process transparency gives organizations a greater ability to reduce overall change costs. With better cost control in your change process, cost drivers can easily be identified and optimized.
  • Efficient governance structure: The setup of a factory-specific governance structure includes business department-related streams, architecture boards and 'factory office' which works as a single point of contact for all internal Murex-change-requests. With a single point of contact structure, considerable dependencies in change requests, environment setups or interfaces will be better detected and handled more efficiently.
  • Clear processes: From requirements analysis to deployment, this increases transparency in processes which leads to improved audit compliance. Furthermore, having clear and standardized processes helps to enhance the level of automation and can thus reduce overall change costs.
  • Explicit ownership: Distribution of responsibilities due to contractual conditions between requestor and factory. The Factory Approach leads to explicit ownership in the value chain, ensuring frictionless processing and reduced overall process time.
  • KPI possibilities: Enabling scalable sizing, optimal load sizing, ensuring efficiency and giving the possibility of an initial impact analysis of changes. If you need continuous changes and adjustments of the Murex system, and have no structured processes in place for changes, the Factory Approach can help to reduce development and testing costs. It can also improve efficiency of the implementation of change requests.

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