Every migration project involves fundamental changes to existing Murex instances. These changes bring additional requirements to the end-of-day processing and operational clock, which have to be fundamentally re-engineered to keep up (and of course, remain stable) in the migration aftermath. To reach that goal, numerous challenges, including an ever-growing number of transactions (both due to natural and unnatural factors) and ever-rising load upon the night-processing arise.

Our expertise in end-of-day stabilization processes help our clients to achieve:

  • Maintenance cost reduction through development, testing and implementation of proper purge procedures (transactions, STP tables, audit tables, market data, accounting entries and more)
  • Capacity improvement by moving more time and capacity consuming elements into the night-processing
  • Enhanced transparency over end-of-day processing potential redundancies
  • IT architecture extension efficiently accomplish maintenance and scheduling of the end-of-day components.

Capco can support with regular health checks of existing purge procedures or setting up a taskforce that tackles urgent issues in a structured way.

You can count on our Murex experts’ assistance on many specialized topics from numerous related fields. This also includes in-depth analysis of log files and scheduler information, to identify critical paths and opportunities for optimization.

Contact murex@capco.com to learn how we can assist you on increasing the stability and performance of your end-of-day-processing.