You're about to embark on a new career journey, but how do you determine the right path to follow? Capco Associate, Sophie Hupfer, shares her experience of the first two weeks on Capco's signature program.

When I finally received that much anticipated call to confirm that I had been accepted onto Capco’s Associate Talent Program (ATP), I had no idea what to expect. I comforted myself with the knowledge that we would take part in a two-week training period before joining live projects.

Nevertheless, I was a bit sceptical. Two weeks? How much could I really learn in only two weeks?

My intake was in fact the first to receive a shortened training period of two instead of three weeks. The training was held off-site for the first time too, in Farringdon, rather than in our Great Eastern Street office as usual. In a way we were ATP guinea-pigs, if you will.

There was one day we did spend in our London head office – the second day on the program – where IT equipped each of us with a new laptop and iPhone (a popular day among Associates). While setting up our devices we went through some admin, such as timesheets and booking annual leave.

Before I delve deeper into the content covered during training, let me talk a bit about the people at Capco.

Capco does an incredible job hiring people from very diverse backgrounds - in both a professional and personal sense. At the same time, employees are incredibly similar in terms of their attitude, work ethic, social competency, and open-mindedness. I'm yet to meet anyone at Capco I couldn't work with.

Sophie Hupfer, Associate at Capco

The beauty of joining Capco with a group of young, dynamic, and likeminded individuals is that, during those two weeks, not only will you learn amazing skills together, you and your peers will form a bond that will get you through every confusing and embarrassing moment in your first few weeks (and beyond)!

Now for the material covered. ATP training can be broadly divided into four categories: Insight sessions into Capco and the industry, Microsoft Office training, interpersonal skill development and roleplays.

Let me break them down.

Insights into Capco and the financial services industry are meant to introduce you to the financial sectors that Capco works in, such as Capital Markets and Wealth & Asset Management. Every session is held by one or more senior SMEs (Subject Matter Experts, not Small Medium Enterprises; confusing, I know) from within Capco. They provide general oversight of the industry but also highlight key sector developments and how these create client opportunities. Beyond that, your agenda will include presentations on topics such as Open Banking, regulations and Digital to inspire you to learn more about the extensive field of financial services.

Even though you may have sold yourself as the ultimate Excel-guru on your CV, there was not one person that didn’t learn something new during MS Office training. Excel, Power Point, Visio, Project – you will cover it all.

Interpersonal skills are an incredibly broad topic. You will cover presentation skills, how to give and receive feedback, setting personal career objectives and identifying different personality types and how to best work alongside them.

On almost every training day, roleplays were a key activity. The idea is that you prepare a piece of work for each stage of a project lifecycle to then present to experienced Capco consultants – only that they pose as your client and thoroughly enjoy acting out the most difficult personalities they can come up with! it This actually becomes quite fun and enables you to become familiar with, and actively think through different parts, of a project lifecycle.

Before you know it, two weeks are over and you will reminisce about your time in ATP over Friday drinks. From my own experience, and the feedback I’ve gathered from my peers, we all learned much more than we had imagined we could have in a two week window – no matter how (in)experienced we were going in.