Solaris will no longer be supported by all Murex binary versions (3.1.39 or above). A structural change of such magnitude will boost the next migration project’s costs and enhance its complexity. To counter these issues, Capco provides assistance primarily targeted at reaching the following goals:

  • Maximizing cost efficiency by switching to the hardware-as-a-service, infrastructure-as-a-service and cloud-based solutions
  • Enhancing functional coverage by identifying and validating all the changes to the application’s behavior.

To reach those goals, Capco focuses on the impact analysis of the operating system and architectural change. In doing so, we analyze the need and magnitude of the additional efforts required to maintain platform stability as a starting point for further steps.

Capco has experience working on a range of small-scale and large-scale platform migration projects. This allows us to assist our clients at all stages of the lifecycle, with testing activities playing a key role in the entire process. We help to define the test concepts, establish the key KPIs, prepare and execute the tests, as well as analyze the outcomes in terms of consistency and performance.

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