Future Health Insurance in Asia-Pacific : The Digital and Data Revolution

  • Emma Yang, Roberto Figari, Paula Amunategui and Jamie Leith
  • Published: 16 March 2023


There is a global trend in health insurance towards digital health, personalized and preventive healthcare, and helping customers to improve their lifestyles. However, the potential scale and impact of transformation initiatives in the Asia-Pacific region is particularly striking.

The region’s health insurers are moving to adopt data-driven, digitally-enabled business models centered around risk prevention rather than simply risk mitigation. The new business model will not only improve insurers’ core operations but also enhance customers’ health outcomes in measurable, value-driven ways. The new models may prove crucial to addressing the healthcare capacity and cost management challenges facing Asia-Pacific societies in the coming decades.

In this new white paper, we have taken the opportunity to share our thoughts with two industry leaders in this space – Roche and AIA – and to capture their key insights in relation to the changes that we are already seeing around the region. Download the paper to explore the path ahead for health insurance in Asia-Pacific.