Commercial banks are remedying historic underinvestment with a renewed focus on enabling the customer. Competition has intensified. Today, we find that banks are investing in digital capabilities to streamline front-end operations and taking advantage of potentially large revenue opportunities driven by innovation in the back office and core.

Commercial Business Banking Disciplines

  • Definition of the front and back office strategy
  • Customer segment optimization
  • Products and services integration
  • Value chain focus
  • Technology spend and success metrics.

How Capco Can Help

We understand the importance of innovation, managing customer expectations, and the need to thrive in complex environments in commercial banking. We can help with:

  • Customer expectations for insights rather than data. Aggregation from internal and external sources to present game-changing insights and experiences is the new normal
  • Seamless onboarding whereby only the needed information is requested and known information is auto-populated
  • Creating a leading entitlement provisioning approach to transform the way that customers interact with their data
  • How to create efficiencies in technology selection and replacement
  • Automation and process improvement in your front and middle office

How to enable organizations to innovate and deliver more effectively than ever throughout their entire organization extending agile frameworks and discipline beyond IT into critically linked departments to move quickly — turning market disruption to competitive advantage, while thriving in complex environments.

Starting with a customer-facing and banker-facing portal is one way that banks can share insights, create onboarding, efficiencies, enable automation, and display the content your customers need. 

Capco can help build the future of your commercial bank.