Key drivers changing the retail lending industry include increasing automation, leveraging data aggregation, digital client portals, and improving customer experience through customization and personalization. Customers have more transparency today into decision factors such as pricing, lending options, terms, and more, earlier in the process. And, customers expect a seamless experience. 

Capco is shaping the future of lending across multiple lines of business, including unsecured, auto, and securities-based lending.

Lending Disciplines:

Capco has direct experience partnering and working with clients to define their lending strategy, increasing efficiency, leveraging technology for sustainable growth, and achieving successful product launches.

  • Accelerated automation: RPA, ML, AI, CS
  • UI and UX design and deployment
  • Transformational change (strategy through execution)
  • Data aggregation and analytics.

How Capco Can Help

Capco brings several lessons learned, tools and accelerators (e.g., target operating model, capability assessment matrix, use case repositories, user journeys) that guide our project team’s rapid understanding of the problems that underpin the lending industry.

Capco has defined the end-to-end journey across unsecured, auto, and securities-based lending and has supported initiatives across all steps in the process, including:

  • Determining product viability
  • Customer segmentation and prospecting
  • Multi-channel origination
  • Efficient product servicing.

The experience gathered from the front-line allows Capco to follow a structured approach to design and implement lending solutions.