Capco’s culture is built on five principles: respect, integrity, excellence, commitment and knowledge. These principles are integral to who we are and what we stand for and are the foundations of our business and our professional lives. 
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Capco has a unique Be Yourself At Work (BYAW) culture that encourages all of our employees to be and bring their authentic selves to work. We believe that diversity powers innovation, and that our Be Yourself At Work ethos is central to our culture. We are committed to removing barriers and to championing authenticity and creativity in the workplace.

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Capco is focused on building strong communities. Our vision for a better, brighter future spans social and environmental impact, and the many ways we can contribute to a better world.

Our employees make a difference by supporting a variety of charitable initiatives around the world with both local and global impact, everything from volunteering at local food banks to supporting children’s education to running races to support the NHS to raising funds for Covid relief. 

In addition to our global charity partners, Bankers without Borders and Room to Read, we are proud to support a wide variety of local organizations through volunteer engagements and charity fundraising efforts led by our employees around the world.  

We are also working to build a more sustainable world. As a signatory to the UN Global Compact on sustainability and social responsibility, we are committed to creating a sustainable future and an environmentally friendly workplace. 

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Capco has established a strong culture of inclusion, built on our Be Yourself At Work (BYAW) movement that champions diversity and mutual respect and opens up new freedoms and opportunities for self-expression.

Our differences are our strength. As a company, we believe that diverse perspectives are the catalyst for creativity and unity, and to that end we encourage and celebrate individual viewpoints and contributions.

We recognize and embrace our obligation to grow our business in a way that is sensitive to our values and to the interests of our clients, our people, the markets we serve, and the broader communities in which we operate.

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