Our Affinity Groups are employee-led, firm-supported teams focused on encouraging employee engagement, and on promoting awareness and inclusion around gender, race, ethnicity, disability, neurodiversity, or other shared background. The Groups create an environment for people to connect, engage, educate, inspire, and celebrate each other. They also work within the firm to help recruit, mentor, and support the progression of diverse talent.

Any Capco employee can be a member of any Affinity Group. Our goal is for everyone, regardless of background or characteristics, to feel empowered and supported so they can be their authentic selves and achieve their full potential.



Women@Capco is our dedicated global Affinity Group for the professional advancement of women. As Capco’s gender equality community network, it was established to further promote gender parity and inclusiveness across the business, strengthen the alignment of regional gender diversity initiatives, and contribute to our commitment to accelerating Capco’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion agenda. We also collaborate with other Affinity groups to help ensure that events have voices and representation from under-represented groups, manage mentoring programs, and find opportunities to spotlight female talent both internally and externally. 

Mission Statement: 
To enrich the professional advancement of women across all Capco’s geographies by creating a network of community and support, enabling and inspiring women to lead through mentorship and education, and championing for change across the firm and our industry with clear priorities and progress. 



Racially and Ethnically Diverse@Capco (R/ED) is our global Affinity Group focused on supporting underrepresented racially and ethnically diverse employees across the firm.

Our Mission Statement:
To serve as a platform to amplify the work of existing regional affinity groups that focus on racial and ethnic identity, including Action for Equity, the Race & Equality Network, Asian@Capco, Black@Capco and LatinX@capco

Asian @ Capco

Asian@Capco welcomes Capco employees who identify with Asian heritage and allies who wish to get involved in critical dialogue related to representation and inclusion. We hope that Asian@Capco can serve as a space for mentorship, solidarity, and education, with the long-term goal of supporting the recruitment, development, and advancement of Asian talent at Capco.

Black @ Capco

Black@Capco aims to create a space and network for Black employees to connect, engage, collaborate, and build professional and personal connections. Our mission is to partner with HR to recruit diverse talent, raise the rate of retention and improve advancement opportunities for Black employees. In the US, we have Black@Capco and Inclusion@Capco employee networks, and in the UK we have a BAME (Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic) employee network. We also have groups focused on events and awareness in other Capco locations.

LatinX @ Capco

Our mission is to create connections and champion Latinx culture and cultural awareness at Capco. We support the personal and professional development of our members and aim to foster a diverse work environment.   



Capco’s global LGBTQIA+ network, Pride@Capco, supports the LGBTQIA+ community. 

The network hosts a variety of events throughout the year and is involved with the greater Capco community to celebrate the voices and achievements of Capco’s LGTBQIA+ community and allies. Pride@Capco supports employees, builds community relationships, develops awareness and allyship through learning, and promotes diverse and inclusive recruitment. 

Mission Statement:
Our aim is to elevate the experiences and careers of members of the LGBTQI+ community, foster learning about different perspectives, and create a safe space for everyone at Capco to be themselves at work.  


Ability@Capco is our dedicated global Affinity Group for providing support, guidance and assistance to people living with disabilities and neurodivergent individuals. Ability@Capco hosts programs to acknowledge and respect the differences that exist within our workforce, and to bridge these differences through discussions, events, one-to-one support, learning and training initiatives. 

Our Mission Statement:
To embed an integrated culture for the inclusion and support of current and future Capco employees with impairments (including disability, neurodiversity and mental health) as well as those who are carers.



The Parents&Carers@Capco network will work collaboratively with the four existing Global Affinity Groups aims to raise awareness and educate colleagues about challenges that parents and carers face, provide a platform to support each other and share insights and help those transitioning back to work following parental leave, or a family/carer leave.

Our Mission Statement:
To continuously support and provide equitable solutions for the challengers that caregiver's face within the corporate working world. To promote inclusive working culture and practice for caregivers and provide a platform for caregivers supporting each other, sharing information and insights. To break the bias associated with caring duties.


Veterans possess a range of skills that are exceptionally transferable to Management Consulting and Capco recognises this talent, allowing us to build a successful network in a variety of markets.  Capco offers a vibrant, diver culture that provides a gateway into the world of consulting for veterans, drawing on a variety of experience from armed forces globally.  We look for seasoned, high-calibre, creative Veterans to drive business change in today’s fast-moving global financial services industry. At Capco, we hold ex-service personnel’s transferable skills in the highest regard and offer a supportive and engaging transition back into a civilian workplace.