Can I reapply if I am unsuccessful? We are always open to applications, but if you are unsuccessful, we advise waiting a period of six months before re-applying.

Can I make a speculative application via email? Unfortunately applications to ATP must be made via our website to ensure we capture all relevant information.

What if I have already graduated - can I still apply? Absolutely! Our ATP is an entry-level scheme so we will consider both graduates and career changers.

Are there any fixed academical entry requirements? We require a minimum of a 2:1 degree and some relevant work experience, including internships.

I have international qualifications - are these suitable? Absolutely, we encourage diversity so long as it is equivalent to a 2:1 degree.


When will I hear back? We aim to let you know on the outcome of each stage within two weeks. Don't despair if you haven't heard of us by then - we are extremely busy but will be in touch as soon as possible.

How long does the entire application process take? We intend to process candidates as quickly as possible throughout our entire recruitment process, keeping candidates informed throughout. We aim to book successful candidates onto the nearest assessment centre date within 2 weeks of the application, fitting this around your university and other commitments. Following assessment centre and interviews, we endeavour to contact you via a phone call within 48 hours.

Do you provide application feedback? We can provide detailed, constructive feedback on all candidates that reach the assessment centre stage.

What should I expect at the Assessment Centre? To accommodate your busy schedule, our assessment centres are an evening session held in our London office; and are your chance to get an insight into Capco and showcase your skills. You will learn more about Capco by taking part in quick fire interview rounds, live Q&A sessions and group tasks. Read more on our ATP Application page here.

Is there a limit on the number of available offers? Capco are on the lookout for the best talent to help us continue our rapid growth - therefore we always endeavour to accommodate talent whenever possible.

If successful, can I change my start date? Intake dates are fixed. Any extenuating circumstances will be reviewed on a case by case basis.


What training do you provide? During the ATP there is an array of training provided, from core consulting skills through to industry specific financial services sessions, such as on capital markets or payments. Following completion of the ATP, you are encouraged to utilize the 40 hours of training provision Capco provides for all employees, and join regularly run training courses that build on core competencies and knowledge.

How do I give back/what non-project work is available? There are numerous communities you can get involved in, both account specific and across the whole of Capco. From the 'celebrate' community organizing events, to the 'training' community: organizing and running learning sessions and everything inbetween. In addition, there are constantly internal projects and initiatives to support - there's always something you can get involved in at Capco!

How long does a project usually take? There is no fixed duration for a project, but on average you can expect to be working on the same project from 6-18 months. While this is a wide variance of time, it demonstrates the huge variety of each project. However, it is important to note that you will not necessarily work from the start to finish of each project you are on.

What will my first project be like? Every project and experience is unique, so there is no simple answer to this question. Once completing the two weeks of ATP training, you will be ready for your first project. Our aim is for all our associates to be placed on client site from day one. We aim to ensure your skills are matched with a project that is suited to you, so regardless of where you are placed your first project, it will be an experience that will test your existing skills, teach you some new ones and give you the opportunity to make an impact from day one.

How long must I stay as an associate? The great thing about life at Capco is there is no fixed duration for progression. We are a meritocracy and therefore, unlike other programmes that keep you for 2-3 years at associate level, you will be rewarded (and promoted) based on your own performance. The sky is the limit...