All associates in the UK, US, APAC (HK) and Germany spend their first two weeks at Capco on an intensive course that will kick-start your career in financial services, giving you vital consulting skills and insights from our experts.

Unlike many other graduate schemes, the program is designed to be varied and fun, much like the working lives of our consultants.

ATP is run by our consultants too. We prioritize training that much, that 30+ consultants will be coming off client site to support you.

During the program, you will:

  • Acquire a thorough overview of today‚Äôs fast-changing global financial services landscape.
  • Gain industry insight and discover the regulatory frameworks and risks that financial institutions must manage.
  • Learn core competency-based consulting skills.
  • Re-enact simulated project scenarios by taking part in role plays based on real-world projects.
  • Build your first Capco network with fellow new joiners.
  • At the end of the ATP, you will be a fully-fledged associate and will be assigned to your first client site project.


We believe in continued growth and therefore have created our own proprietary set of comprehensive and specialized courses, tailor made to grow your deep understanding of industry-leading practices.

This includes advanced versions of courses you will have encountered during the ATP, additional consulting skills and introductions to new disciplines, including business analysis, coding and interview techniques.


All UK, US and APAC (HK) associates begin their career with the ATP

Other countries, such as Germany, send their associates to London to attend the program