"Capco invests a lot in the growth and development of people – my dreams have gotten bigger and brighter."


Tell us a bit about yourself and how you found Capco?

I am an associate at Capco, based in Singapore. I graduated with a degree in Business Management, focused on accounting and finance, and had two internships in Digital Marketing.

Like many graduates between 2019-21, I had dreams. Most involved taking a year out after graduating to travel and work around South-East Asia, while slowly figuring out my career.

Covid demolished most of those plans, and I took my internship experience and degree to the workforce. Which is how I found Capco.


Why Capco?

As a graduate with a skillset in marketing, finance and accounting, I knew I wanted to use the skills to work on projects with a variety of different people, so consulting was a perfect fit.  

After a lovely recruitment process with Arun, I knew Capco was somewhere I wanted to work. The people interviewing me were my seniors and were confident people with dynamic and interesting careers – who I wanted to be like and have similar careers to.

Capco also encourages a ‘be yourself at work’ (#byaw) culture, which gives you the freedom to be authentic and be accepted by others at Capco. This was encouraged even in the interview stage, so it seemed like the kind of community I was looking to belong to.


Why the ATP at Capco?

Capco invests a lot in the growth and development of the people that work here. For associates, that starts with the Associate Talent Program (ATP). Not only were we taught the technical skills we needed to be a consultant, but also the soft skills, some of which involved how to navigate and build one’s career. As well as assigning a mentor to each associate, the ATP helps develop us by giving us visibility with senior members of the team. After the two weeks of training is over, we are rotated through the four main Capco domains so that we can identify an area to specialize in.

As the only associate in the ATP in Singapore, I was nervous that I would not make friends with the rest of the associates in Hong Kong. This fear was entirely unfounded and I made friends with a lovely team who I still work with (shout out to Aishani).

The Singapore team was just as welcoming, and I quickly made friends with my peers. Singapore may be smaller than the Hong Kong office, but it was just as social! People took time to get to know me and lunch with me in my first month, and were happy to answer all my questions about the Singapore office.


So, what’s next for Nathan?

Outside of landing a project, Capco gives us so many opportunities to develop ourselves through upskilling programs, community projects and coaching. As a bright-eyed fresh associate, I am excited to have the opportunity to work cross functionally on some business development projects with the Hong Kong team.

I am also focusing on being efficient in terms of my learning and development training. I am starting with courses that will help me to become a better consultant, such as Consulting 101 and getting PSM (Professional Scrum Master) certified. After which I am looking forward to picking up new skills, such as data analytics, in the areas I am most interested in.

My dreams have changed since graduating, and I am happy to say they have gotten bigger and brighter now that I am at Capco.


What’s next for you?

If you are making early career choices, or are already interested in Capco and would like to find out more, check out our career page: https://www.capco.com/Careers.

Life as a consultant at Capco is fun and no two days are the same. It does not matter what background you have; you matter here. Just be yourself and you will find your place at Capco.