"Be authentic, be nice and believe in yourself."

Joined Capco: 2018
Role:          Consultant
Primary skills: Business Process Reengineering, System Implementations, Target Operating Model Design, Solution Assessment & Validation and People Management
Interests: Visiting European cities with my children (Pre-Covid), live gigs and quality food

For years in work, I was always the quiet and anxious one who didn’t have the confidence to speak up, who turned bright red whenever the spotlight was on me.  Yes, I could do the work, and yes, I got on well with people, but throughout all this I didn’t have it in me to achieve what I was capable of doing.  I had imposter syndrome. 

Things changed when I took the opportunity to move into a Change and People Management role in 2002. I started to come out my shell and found that I was good at what I was doing.  I moved organizations and roles a couple of times and got promoted. My confidence improved the more I was put into challenging situations, and I became far more ambitious. This lasted a few years but then there was a restructure in the organization I was in.  I ended up in a team where let’s just say I was ‘micromanaged’, completely undervalued and unsupported.  I was expected to work long, hard days and travel weekly to other destinations in the UK. My confidence left me again and looking back, I’m not sure how I lasted so long there. I had my children and then eventually I realized it was no longer sustainable to stay in that company. I then ended up leaving my promising career behind me to work in a temporary role that lasted 3 ½ years!

In April 2018, an old manager contacted me and asked if I’d consider applying to Capco. I had just been offered a full-time role where I was, but it was definitely the right time to consider a new role. However, as a single mum joining a consultancy firm, was I being realistic?   I remember looking at the Capco website and thinking how professional it looked and thinking, ‘I’ll never get a job there’. I no longer had my confidence, after all.  Nevertheless, after a chat with my old manager, I went for it and was completely open and honest about my personal circumstances. I walked away from the interview process with a genuine sense of the people and culture. I knew then I wanted that job, and I knew it could be the start of building my career back up.

From Day 1, the leadership and my managers in Capco have supported me and understood my personal circumstances.  I was put forward for roles with my existing client based on the fact that Capco knew this client was also very supportive of flexible working.   Throughout Covid I have had full support from Capco who spoke with the client to ensure that I could work flexible hours to manage homeschooling along with my role. 

In my first couple of years in Capco, I worked hard but still in the back of my mind I doubted whether I was good enough and still had anxious feelings.  Thankfully for me I have a fantastic coach, performance manager and a great mentor/friend who have looked out for me and my wellbeing. In the last year I have had so much support and actually for the first time I’m learning how to channel my anxiety. 

I have now accepted the stage where I am at in my career and thanks to my support network, I have my self-belief back. In the last year, my flexible working pattern has given me way more opportunities than I could have hoped for.  I have been able to take on more community work and showcase my skills and my passion for Change and getting the best out of people. I see Capco as my opportunity to continue to improve and flourish and progress my career.  

So, am I a different person today? No, but I am a much more confident and authentic version of myself.