Ned’s time in the Scots DG started off in Germany, and in 2015 he moved to Leuchars in Scotland. His roles during this six-year period ranged from Light Cavalry Troop Leader, a six-month UN tour in Cyprus as Media and Visits Officer, and the role of Regimental Signals and Media Officer

On leaving the army in May 2019, Ned transferred to the Reserves where he took on the role of Training Officer for a Royal Yeomanry Squadron before becoming theRegimental Intelligence Officer.

Ned’s first job in the City was as a Change and Project Manager at asset manager Schroders. After two years in that role he joined Capco and has since worked in the Project Management Office (PMO) space on a global data remediation programme for a Tier 1 global bank.

“Leaving the army was definitely a difficult decision and not one I took lightly,” says Ned. “However it was for the right reasons, and the transition into the civilian world was a journey on which I was offered support every step of the way. The skills one acquires in the Armed Forces are highly transferrable but finding the right area to apply them can take time. A lack of experience in the market you move into will be the main hurdle, but – with training and time – one that you can easily overcome or mitigate.”

Ned’s decision to transfer to the Reserves provided him with the opportunity not only to continue military training on his own terms, making the most of Capco’s Gold AF Covenant, but also provided a valuable safety net during his job transition.

“Capco has provided me  with a challenging and interesting role, which unlike many competitors is a permanent one and not an internship,” Ned adds. “The support from both the business and also our extremely active Armed Forces network has been amazing, with plenty of opportunity to find your area of interest and upskill through the learning & development training Capco provides.”


“Figuring out what you want to do isn’t an easy process. Sometimes it is easier to pinpoint what you don’t want to do and you will naturally narrow down the list. This also applies when you start at Capco. A PMO role is one that is well suited to the skills we bring from the Armed Forces – and in my opinion a great starting point, allowing you to build your experience, network, and figure out your next steps and direction of travel.”