Danny joined Capco having served for 14 years in the British Army. Having begun his military career in 2007 as a Communications Specialist in the Royal Logistics Corps, Danny’s focus on health quickly grew and led him to undertake the All Arms Physical Training Instructor Course. Having built new skills, he was posted to Pirbright to train civilians to become soldiers. Danny’s time at Pirbright saw him pass the selection process for the RAPTC and go on to become an Exercise Rehabilitation Instructor.

Since joining Capco Danny has collaborated with various clients across banking & payments and wealth & personal banking domains as a project manager and a business analyst.

“The choice to leave the Army wasn’t easy and it came with various challenges,” Danny says. “However I believe it’s important to keep developing and I knew I had the potential to succeed in a business environment. The Army allows you to gain skills which can then be transferred into financial industries and consultancy, notably client engagement, project management and requirements gathering among many others.

“Being a leader in the military exposes you to discomfort, to feeling under pressure to deliver, and to quickly understanding situations to provide a solution. As a consultant, that experience allows you to adapt quickly to changing environments, client requirements and priorities.

“I chose Capco because the culture and ethos resonated strongly with me, and also because there is a strong community of veterans. Consultancy is a great career to move into post-military life when it comes to gaining experience and insights within financial services.”



“Always be open to learning, know your worth and remain resilient. You have an abundance of transferrable skills and experience that people might not recognize at first, but it is your job to translate these into the corporate world.”