The internet of things is here. Now is the time to think differently about managing cyber risk.

An effective cybersecurity architecture allows an organization to develop and maintain its strategic and competitive advantage. Information, technologies and personnel are critical assets distributed throughout an organization and form the foundation of its operational infrastructure.

  • Access to our full team of cybersecurity and resiliency professionals through our Office of the CISO to assist in the development, implementation and oversight of your cybersecurity program
  • Our Retained Security Services provide experienced, credentialed cybersecurity practitioners to help you manage your entire information security landscape at a fraction of the cost of maintaining full-time employees
  • Preplanning for response and containment of an incident is critical for survival of your organization. Our Incident Response program evaluates your preparedness and ability to identify, contain, eradicate and recover from an unplanned incident
  • Our proprietary Cybersecurity Architecture Framework (CAF) provides a solid foundation for your unique cybersecurity program needs. CAF focuses on continuously assessing controls, evaluating them against requirements and your organization’s risk profile and architecting remedies to address vulnerabilities and exposures
  • Our Cybersecurity and Regulatory Evaluation (CARE) is a comprehensive assessment to determine if your cybersecurity program meets regulatory requirements pursuant to your institution’s risk profile and peer group
  • With our Threat and Vulnerability assessment, we provide a complete analysis of your technology infrastructure surrounding critical systems and applications from an “insider” perspective by performing an exhaustive analysis of your security posture at the firewall, router, operating system, database, network and remote access levels
  • Our unique three-tiered Attack and Discovery approach of “outsider with no knowledge,” “outsider with limited knowledge” and “insider with knowledge” allows us to assess the extent to which your organization is susceptible to attacks and provides a real-life test of your exposure to known security vulnerabilities
  • Our proprietary Business Continuity Management and Resiliency (BCMR) methodology focuses on process improvement and time-critical business functions. The BCMR program facilitates recovery tasks across business lines and stakeholders so you can resume normal operations within a reasonable timeframe following an interruption.