Data Management Capability Assessment Model (DCAM)

The Data Management Capability Assessment Model (DCAM) is the industry-standard framework and scoring system established to allow organizations to assess their data management capabilities. There are eight capabilities in total, each is supported by a series of objectives, implementation advice and evidence needed for verification of achievement.

DCAM is designed to be easy to understand and is applied by both experts and non-specialists, ensuring continued improvement can be disseminated across the entire organization.

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Capco and the Enterprise Data Management (EDM) Council

Capco has been a member of the EDM Council since 2018 and employs DCAM accredited assessors. We have strong experience in delivering data management insights, best practice implementation, thought leadership and capability assessments to clients across the financial services industry.


How can a DCAM Assessment benefit your Organization?

Effective data management is critical to your business success. It provides a means to govern, control and ensure quality of data within your organization. A DCAM assessment of your data management processes by an independent third party will ensure your company achieves its objectives and reduces risk across business lines. In addition, the traceable nature of the assessment can provide increased transparency to regulators as well as acting as evidence of compliance with industry standards.

Capco can help you understand where on the scale your organization sits with its data management capabilities, while providing support and recommendations on how to improve.

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