People are at the heart of executing any successful strategy. But too often, organization and talent strategy is little more than an afterthought as banks seek new growth and profitability. And when banks do embark on organizational and talent strategy efforts, they are often drawn-out, politically fraught, and de-motivating efforts focused on cost reduction rather than value creation.


We believe that a strong organizational and talent strategy supports the business’ long-term goals while promoting a culture that engages the team and drives high performance. Capco has a unique organization and talent strategy framework and proprietary tools including the Capco Organization Design Engine (CODE). Our approach along with CODE provides structure, rigor, and transparency to these typically fraught efforts, while dramatically accelerating results for our clients. We support clients to more effectively forecast, recruit and retain the right talent to execute their growth and digital strategies.

First, we work with our clients to define the vision and growth goals for the organization and talent strategy effort and confirm alignment with the business strategy.

Second, we define critical choices that are tailored to the project at hand and aligned to the vision and goals of the effort – for instance, whether to focus on the organizational model design, spans and layers optimization, geo-focus, skills alignment, vendor optimization and other considerations.

Third, using CODE, we rapidly model and visualize the current state organization along various dimensions and identify opportunities for improvement.

Fourth, we model future-state organization and talent strategy scenarios, weighing the pros and cons of different options with our clients and continuously validating alignment with the business strategy.

Finally, we work with clients to develop an executable roadmap and change management plan to execute the strategy and take the organization to the next level of performance.