Cost transformation starts and ends with the bottom line. It is even more pressing in financial services as they are impacted by the rising costs of regulatory initiatives and technology innovation. At the same time, financial services firms strive for market leadership, which in turn demands capital that has become more difficult to access. 

Capco offers a single path forward to strategic cost transformation, reducing the bottom line effectively while actively freeing capital. Capco designed its solution to deal with the ever-increasing pressure to reduce cost. Our specialized focus also enables institutions to pursue leadership in their line of business. Specifically, we offer an actionable strategic approach to reducing operating costs within support areas, including operations, IT and finance. 

We help you understand – and resolve – the specific cost reduction issues that are unique to your institution and business. We then guide and support you through the challenges of implementing strategic cost transformation initiatives successfully.

Our deep domain expertise and technology focus combines with a range of practical, real-world approaches to form the basis of our effective efforts. These include strategic cost analysis, future state operating models, market infrastructure transformation, location strategy, utility strategies and outsourcing. 

The proven, measurable and delivered results of an effective strategic cost transformation can include reduced spending, complexity reduction, platforms consolidation, increased operational efficiency (including cycle time reduction) and growth enablement. Our industry experts and specialist subject matter advisors have successfully carried out large-scale complex strategic cost transformations. In turn, the impact of positive transformation has empowered our clients to become industry leaders.