Effective differentiation in banking results from offering a unique customer experience and measurable customer value. Standing out and being outstanding are the lifeblood of the financial institution that wants market leadership. History confirms the importance of the future: banks that adapt and innovate today in pursuit of positive differentiation are tomorrow’s leaders.

Core banking transformation is, of course, a complex procedure. To sustain and build on customer experience, cost efficiencies and revenue drivers, core systems periodically require complete revitalization. To succeed, transformation must consider more than technical architecture. Successful transformation considers the fundamental elements of people, culture and change management. A range of external factors compound the challenge of adapting these vital mechanisms: today’s evolving regulatory environment, unconventional and disruptive industry newcomers, and ever-tighter operating margins.

Given the number of internal factors and external pressures involved, transformation demands support from a partner with a proven record of strategy excellence and flawless execution. That partner must be one you trust to be independent, impartial in technology recommendation and passionate about delivery.

Capco’s status as a technology solution-agnostic consultancy offers singular value in the market today. The bank’s success agenda exclusively drives our advice. We apply solutions that help with componentization, modernization or full system replacement, utilizing any vendor’s products – whichever offer the bank its desired best result.

Capco’s consulting proficiency fields some of the most experienced core banking teams in the world. We span the fundamental operational areas of deposits, lending, cards, treasury services, front office and digital channels.

Our experience across the spectrum of banking operations has generated an array of best practices. We apply them on a case-specific basis to our clients’ product, technology and operations challenges. Core banking transformation is a life-changing procedure. Together, we can help ensure it’s an entirely positive one, too - and one that prepares you to face any challenge in the years ahead.