What you will gain:

  • Master GenAI Governance: Demystify the compliance considerations surrounding GenAI in Switzerland and learn how to implement robust governance frameworks that ensure responsible development and regulatory adherence.
  • Fuel Your AI with Clean Data: Discover proven methods to ensure the high-quality data that fuels successful AI initiatives. Understand how guaranteed data accuracy, consistency, and reliability are the foundations for trust and optimal results with AI.
  • Experience GenAI in Action: Witness real-world use cases powered by Capco's cutting-edge GenAI tools. See C.AI accelerate your prototyping process and explore other Capco-developed applications. Gain a firsthand look at how GenAI can revolutionize your financial operations.

JUNE 26, 2024  |  5:00 PM CET | ZURICH

The financial services industry is abuzz with Generative AI (GenAI) prototypes. From personalized banking experiences to streamlined contact centers, the possibilities seem endless. However, governance is a crucial element overlooked in the rush to innovate.

Regulatory compliance and ethical considerations are critical for responsible GenAI implementation. With the technology gaining traction, companies are realizing the potential pitfalls of neglecting these vital aspects.

This is where Capco, a leading global business and technology consultancy, steps in. Capco is hosting an exclusive event in Zurich to equip you for the GenAI revolution. The event will provide a comprehensive understanding of GenAI's impact across your entire business and guide you through the GenAI landscape, showcasing its impact across all areas of your business.

At the event, you'll delve into several key areas starting with GenAI Governance. Uncover the critical compliance considerations for using GenAI within Switzerland and how to create strong governance frameworks to ensure ethical development and meet regulatory standards. Next, enhance your AI initiatives with high-quality data. Learn the techniques to ensure your data is accurate, consistent, and reliable—essential for fostering trust and achieving superior outcomes. Finally, witness GenAI in action through real-life applications developed by Capco. Experience how C.AI can streamline your prototyping processes and observe other innovative Capco technologies that are set to transform financial operations.

This event is designed to equip you with practical knowledge and insights that you can immediately apply to your business.



Wednesday, June 26, 2024


05:00 PM

Location: Capco Office, Capco Zürich, Elias-Canetti-Strasse 2, 8050 Zürich


05:00 – 05:15 PM                

GenAI - Unlocking new realities & challenges

Aniello Bove, Partner & Continental Europe Technology and Engineering Lead, Capco Switzerland
Sasha Dolgy, Head of Technology & Engineering, Capco Switzerland
Marco Billeter, Sales Manager Financial Services Industry, Microsoft

05:15 – 05:30 PM

Governance for GenAI
Implementing policies and regulations for GenAI solutions

Patrick Scheidegger, Head of Governance & Regulatory, Group Technology & Operations, Zurich Insurance Company

05:30 – 05:45 PM

Data Quality and readiness for GenAI
Ensuring accurate, consistent, and reliable data for AI models

Simon Gomez, Head of Data and Innovation, LGT Private Banking

05:45 – 06:00 PM

GenAI in action
Real use cases and demos showcasing GenAI capabilities

From 06:00 PM Wrap- up and Apéro

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Aniello Bove

Partner & Continental Europe Technology and Engineering Lead

Capco Switzerland

Sasha Dolgy

Head of Technology & Engineering

Capco Switzerland

Patrick Scheidegger

Head of Technology and Operational Risk

Zurich Insurance

Simon Gomez

Head of Data and Innovation

LGT Private Banking

Marco Billeter

Sales Manager, Financial Services Industry


Patrick Scheidegger

Patrick Scheidegger is a senior executive with over 30 years of experience in the Banking and Insurance industry, with a unique blend of IT, Finance and Business capabilities.  He held several senior IT, governance and finance roles and has a strong track record of delivering results in complex and multi-sourced environments. He embraces change and is always curious to learn what it takes to use technology to transform and shape the business.

Simon Gomez

Simon Gomez is passioned about innovation and digital transformation in the financial industry.
Works at LGT since 2015, before he was at UBS in several roles. Simon is responsible at LGT for Data and Innovation and involved in scaling Generative AI use cases within the organization.

Marco Billeter

Marco Billeter is the Sales Manager Financial Services for Microsoft Switzerland. In this role, Marco drives the strategic and transformational partnerships with banks, insurances, and financial services firms across all segments, helping its clients to accelerate in digital business transformation. Marco has more than 25 years of experience within the FSI- and IT-industry in various roles of increasing responsibility. Before joining Microsoft, Marco successfully co-founded two cloud/internet companies and has been working in companies like IBM and SAS. He has extensive knowledge in Cloud Computing, Data, Analytics, Search, BI and AI.