On Thursday 11th November, Capco and the SFE hosted a breakfast discussion titled ‘ESG: Elevating Your Data Strategy’ at the Glasshouse hotel in Edinburgh.

With deadlines looming for numerous UK and European ESG-related regulations, there is an intensifying focus on proving the validity of ‘green’ claims and credentials. When taken in conjunction with public-facing commitments to Net Zero and other initiatives, there is an imperative for financial services institutions to assess how they should credibly source the information that will underpin any new metrics.

Without the ability to source this detailed – and currently often hard or impossible to track down – data, this requirement for new and complex alternative datasets will cause real headaches, and at worst still may leave institutions open to fines and reputational damage.

Key discussion points at the event included:
  • The new data landscape that will inform ESG decision-making, validation of ESG credentials, and drive product design and marketing.
  • How to approach sourcing new and complex datasets.
  • What data assimilation model is right for you.
  • How best to partner with data providers.


If you would like to discuss any of the topics in more detail please get in touch with Charles Sincock via email at