Capco is delighted to share with you the latest virtual event in collaboration with the Scottish Investment Operations (SIO), 'EMIR Refit: How Do Financial Institutions Prepare?', which took place on Thursday 1st July.

ESMA’s Regulatory Fitness and Performance (REFIT) Programme was introduced to deliver on their commitment to improving regulatory and implementing technical standards (RTS and ITS). This impacts EMIR and FSA jurisdictions, and the mandate to implement it is expected to be fully approved by end of Q2 2021. 

With an expected implementation date around Q4 2022, we invite you to watch this on-demand webinar with Capco’s Stephen McPherson where we discuss the key considerations operations teams will be facing over the next year. New data provisions such as Critical Data Elements (CDE) and ISO 20022 formatting, along with redefined event types and the use of UPIs, all present challenges which firms will need to consider the impact of to remain compliant.