GLOBAL WEBINAR | Thursday, 15th December 2022 | 09:00 ET/ 14:00 GMT

The sheer quantity and increasing complexity of enterprise data makes it exponentially harder for individuals and organizations to make informed decisions. Knowledge Graphs provide an elegant and efficient solution to harness the power of big data and enable self service data access.

In this webinar, we’ll dive deep into knowledge graphs and digital twins as a way to combine data lineage, data discovery, and metadata storage with machine learning and graph analytics. This powerful approach helps simplify the very complex, allowing organizations to make informed decisions with their biggest asset, their data.

Presenter: Caleb Severn, Senior Knowledge Graph Engineer, Capco

Caleb is a Senior Data Scientist with over 6 years of experience in knowledge graphs, semantics and ontology management. Caleb specialises in working with the business to transform initial thoughts, into quick proof of concepts and insights using graph structures, analytics and visualisation techniques. He has recently delivered multiple complex graph projects at a top tier US investment Bank. He's experienced across multiple graph tools including Stardog and has strong SPARQL & Python coding skills.

Event Details:

DATE: Thursday 15th December 2022
TIME: 09:00 ET / 14:00 GMT