COVID-19: Workforce of the Future


  • Published: 24 June 2020

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the Financial Services Industry, having to adjust to new working environments, organisations have had to respond quickly and rapidly to implement remote working.

The current environment presents immediate challenges and imperatives, but also provides an opportunity to think holistically and longer-term about talent and location strategies that strengthen employee engagement and productivity.

This discussion led by Capco for the Scottish Investment Operations (SIO), considers how people approach the ‘new normal’ and prepare for the future of work. Main discussion points were:

COVID19 impact on our ways of working and accelerated remote adoption

  • How firms are managing remote work effectiveness o How they expect future ways of working to evolve
  • How firms are re-thinking their long-term talent and location strategy

Achieving Workforce Transformation

  • This is achieved by thinking about the future strategically whilst solving current issues following a more tactical approach

Modern Leadership

  • How can leaders successfully navigate this challenging and evolving transition

Building high-performing virtual teams for the long-haul

  • Culture and connection in remote work
  • Importance of employee experience and personal well-being