CAPCO & SCOPE: Working with a Disability in Consulting

We are delighted to ipresent you with the latest webinar hosted by the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion team on Working with a Disability in Consulting, in partnership with the disability charity, Scope.

Scope is a disability equality charity in England and Wales providing practical information and emotional support when it's most needed and campaigning relentlessly to create a fairer society.

Listen in to hear from Capco colleagues as they share their personal journeys and experiences of working in consulting with a disability, as well as tips on how to forge your own career path. 

Guest speakers from Scope shared how businesses can support disabled employees and answered questions. 

Moderated by Razan Abdelgadir & Joanne Lee, the panel discussion featured also the following Capco and Scope speakers:

Helen Needham, Managing Principal and Ability@Capco Lead, Capco

Helen has 20 years’ experience of helping clients in financial services to improve data quality, reduce costs, streamline processes and gain new insights. Diagnosed as autistic in 2017, Helen understands the difference that the right environment, understanding and support can have.  As the lead of the Ability and Neurodiversity Network, Helen is part of a team working to bring about changes to reduce barriers faced by people with impairments. She is also a passionate neurodiversity advocate, a trustee of Autism Forward and founder of Me.Decoded – a platform for sharing neurodivergent stories and insights.

Eirini Basta, Consultant, Capco

Eirini is an experienced data management professional, involved in the implementation of global programmes within IT. The experience extends from the set-up of a data management organisation to transition of master data entities within an MDM workflow and repository. She can drive the implementation of a data governance council, mapping and assigning data ownership across organisations, and drive data strategy and roadmap aligned to business objectives. Erini was diagnosed with ADHD at 39. 

Sam Purfield, In Work Support Adviser, Scope

Sam has 15 years’ experience of working with disabled people, giving advice and tailored support, to enable them to overcome barriers and achieve their goals.  

Rhonda McPhail, Employer Engagement Specialist, Scope

Rhonda works with inclusive employers across England and Wales who want to attract disabled candidates and is responsible for the Scope job board.

Guy Chaudoir, National Employment Programme Manager, Scope

Guy manages the Support to Work team and has been at Scope for 9 years leading on their digital employment services for disabled people across England and Wales.