Explore how human-centric service design using mental models can address consumer challenges in banking. Learn how integrating mental models enhances customer engagement, builds confidence, and supports vulnerable customers, ultimately fostering a seamless and personalised financial experience.

Supporting Consumers Through Human-Centric Service Design Using Mental Models

  • Michaela Baillie, Anjali Magecha, Magda Orpel
  • Published: 13 June 2024

In today's increasingly complex world, many long-standing consumer challenges remain unresolved. Despite exponential growth in the development and application of new technologies, banks and their customers continue to struggle with a range of fundamentally human challenges.

While technology is a potent enabler of many solutions, designing services that fully address the needs of consumers requires a truly human-centric approach. Successful service design seeks to strike the balance between customer outcomes and business efficiencies by considering the world from both perspectives. By weaving mental model methodology into service design approaches, banks can provide a consistent and high-quality experience across all channels, which is so crucial for customer trust, loyalty and retention. 

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